Amsterdam’s Finest: Student Athletes

Students at Amsterdam High School have had a long-standing commitment to athletics and academics. Some that excelled in both fields have been asked to further their commitments at a greater level. This year, seven of Amsterdam’s seniors will be competing on the collegiate stage for their outstanding performance and the RamPage wishes to recognize their achievement. I have digitally interviewed each student and summarized their responses so everyone can have insight into the lives of Amsterdam’s finest athletes.

Charli Beekman

Attending: To be announced
Sport: Track and Field
Position: Sprinter
Inspiration: Usain Bolt

Though Charli has not formally announced which school she is attending, her athletic record is perfectly clear. She knows her dedication to sprinting has readied her for the college atmosphere and her accomplishments are her “biggest dream come true.” Coinciding with Track, Charli plans to study in a nursing program and graduate as an RN, hoping to become a nurse anesthetist.

Carson Cotugno

Attending: Wake Forest University
Sport: Baseball
Position: Pitcher
Inspiration: Trevor Bauer

With the help of his coaches, Carson has been dedicated to playing with skilled students like himself in preparation for his college debut. He feels the level at which he competes qualifies him for the next level. “The thing that excites me the most about becoming a college athlete is that I get to play with and play against a lot of talented kids who will push me to be better.” Carson hopes his new endeavors will help push him to the professional leagues.

Andie Gannon

Attending: Robert Wesleyan
Sport: Basketball
Position: Forward
Inspiration: Tyler Herro

Pushing her to become a better person, Andie’s mother remains her number one supporter and “has been my biggest inspiration throughout my basketball career.” Andie wants younger kids to never stop pushing; “it might be hard but your dedication and time will pay off in the long run.” She also notes that your efforts on the court should match those in the classroom. It’s something she wished she had done more but wants to send the message to all with similar aspirations.

Antonia May

Attending: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Sport: Basketball
Position: Shooting Guard
Inspiration: Tiana Mangakahia

Known by her teammates as Toni, this student-athlete is excited to see how much she can grow as a basketball player. Despite the heightened competition, she enjoys pushing herself to the next level. TO STUDENTS PURSUING A SPORT: “If you want to become a college athlete, you have to put your mind to it. You have to work your hardest every day towards your goal, it doesn’t come easy so you have to really want it.”

ChaunJ Ramos

Attending: Central Connecticut State University
Sport: Track and Field
Position: Middle Distance
Inspiration: Hunter Woodhall

ChaunJ swears by never giving up. “Some days may seem harder than others, but all the achievements and accomplishments will come lining up as long as you put the work in.” No matter the extra work of balancing a sport with education, ChaunJ is eager to meet other talented teammates and create unforgettable memories while continuing to pursue the thing he loves.

Jaclyn Stanavich

Attending: Mercy College
Sport: Basketball
Position: Forward

Jackie is mentally prepared to compete but feels she’ll never be satisfied with herself athletically. However, this only pushes her to work harder every day as she feels there is always more that she can do. Regardless of her perceived abilities, she is excited for the next four years; basketball is what she loves most.

Tommy Ziskin

Attending: Utica College
Sport: Football
Position: Quarterback
Inspiration: Spencer Rattler

“To athletes who wish to play a sport in college, what you do behind closed doors is what will bring you there. Buy into what your coaches tell you and you’ll be successful.” Tommy wishes to thank his parents: he knows he wouldn’t be in his position without them. From little giants to the collegiate level, he attributes his success to them. “Love you mom and dad.”

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