Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima, an action adventure game released in 2020, follows a lone Samurai, Jin Sakai, on a quest to protect his home from the first Mongol invasion. 

This game had so many aspects that made it so amazing. The writing, the gameplay, the graphics, the scenery, the story, everything. Every moment I was playing, I was completely immersed. 

Jin Sakai was incredibly well-written. I think his character alone makes the game as interesting as it is, at least writing-wise. His reactions to events make him feel so human. I won’t elaborate on his character growth too much, at the risk of delving into spoiler territory. Either way, I personally think his writing is up there with other characters like Arthur Morgan, from Red Dead Redemption 2, another incredible action adventure game.

The gameplay was refreshing as well. It had elements of typical action adventure combat, with it’s own enhancements along the way. It felt like a more fast paced, intense version of the newer Assassin’s Creed combat. The game offers a hard mode that is unlike most we see from modern games. Instead of simply adding more health to the enemies, it actually decreases it. It also increases damage, making every slash incredibly deadly. This Lethal Mode features a much more realistic combat experience. Everything about the gameplay aims to add an immersive, but fun, combat experience. This game has some of the best sword combat I’ve played. Realistic, fast-paced, and fun – what’s not to like?

The graphics were absolutely jaw-dropping. The Playstation 5 is able to run this game at sixty frames per second while still offering a graphically beautiful game. The game has quite a brooding atmosphere, which isn’t for some. I found it fit perfectly with the story being told. 

Another thing I enjoyed about this game was the immersion. It felt easy to get “inside” the head of these characters and understand why they act the way they do. Other than that, the game actually makes Jin, and by extension you, feel like a legend. As you complete quests, your “legend” increases. As this increases, The Ghost becomes more well known. When Jin challenges enemies, some run in terror, call for backup, or just cower in fear. Citizens call for Jin’s help knowing who he is. Things like this usually aren’t thought about in similar games, it goes to show how well thought out every single moment of this game was. 

This game was phenomenal. If deep-dives into morality, fast-paced combat, stunning graphics, fleshed out and well written characters, and an amazing story are something you enjoy, check this game out. This game has gone down as one of my favorites for so many reasons, and I’m sure that if you do end up playing it, it will for you too. 

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