Unified Bowling at AHS

In 2015, Amsterdam High School initiated a new program called unified bowling. For the past two seasons, 11th grade english teacher Joseph Scott has been the coach. Katelynn Demotrazik and Jose Carbonell have been on the team for two years. When asked if unified has changed his life, Jose said that it is the best experience to be helping with the kids. In this program, there is a partner that helps each athlete bowler. The partner is there to give tips, make sure they stay safe, encourage and motivate.

2019-2020 AHS Unified Bowling Team

The next and last home match is February 27th at 3:30pm. During the practice days, both partners and athletes take the bus after school to Imperial Lanes, a bowling alley in Amsterdam. There, they bowl a game or two to see if they improved or how they could do better. The kids get really excited when they are cheered on. Some athletes even do a “shimmy shimmy” dance when they get one pin down. It would mean a lot to have some Ram fans in the stands. When asked what her favorite part about unified was, Katelynn said “How the players get excited even though their scores may not be record breaking.” When the athletes see their friends they have made out of the partners, they are always looking for a reaction and a high-five. The athletes are better bowlers than most partners. They are more talented than people usually think. Being a part of the program has shown me that no matter the conflict hindering your everyday life, there is always something that can be accomplished and there is always a reason to smile. 

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