Review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the most iconic franchises in modern history, full of likable characters, compelling storylines, beautiful locations, and great action. Many Star Wars fans were ecstatic when the new trilogy was announced. Those fans were met with three boring, uninspired, mediocre films. While I wasn’t a fan of any of the three films, I will be focusing on The Rise of Skywalker. I found this movie to be the most disappointing for a variety of reasons.

It seemed like the two directors were fighting against one another on how they wanted the trilogy to play out. The movie was full of attempts to change things from the other two movies. The identity of the main villain was changed, for example. It’s sad to see the lack of vision in this large of a franchise.

Kylo Ren and Rey, TV and Movie News

Watching the movie, it’s hard to find any passion in it. The plot was very boring. Rey solves every problem the main cast faces, with almost no effort expended; because of this, it feels as though there are no struggles. Every other character’s plotlines are sidelined to be used as tools for Rey’s growth. It feels almost disrespectful to the people who grew up with Star Wars, as their favorite characters are simply thrown away in favor of a character not many people are invested in. People tend to like characters who go through some sort of struggle, and then become strong. Rey is strong from the start. She beats the main villain in a duel after picking up a lightsaber for the first time. An example of good character growth is Luke Skywalker. He is rash and unskilled in his first battles, then he trains, and becomes much stronger and wiser than he was before. 

One of the main positives of this movie was the action, as per usual with Star Wars. In some cases, action can carry a movie from bad to decent, but not in this case. Star Wars is built on its amazing storytelling, with action as a bonus. This movie tries to replace the last bit of story left with action scenes, which are well shot, but simply not enough. They can’t replace the story we’ve come to love.This movie was not good. Was it enjoyable watching a new Star Wars movie? Yes, it was. That alone does not make it a good movie. All of the world-building, storytelling, and charming characters were missing from Rise of Skywalker, and because of that, I cannot recommend seeing this movie.

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