Staff Excited About RamPage Resurrection

Our last Rampage ended seven years ago. I’ve personally always wondered why we didn’t have a school newspaper; it’s an amazing way for students’ voices and ideas to be heard. Myself and a group of others have come together to bring back the newspaper for these reasons. I asked my friends and fellow writers Najah Martin and Rebecca Kaminski to share their thoughts as well. “I think the newspaper will make both the writers and other students more involved and aware of the school and community,” says Rebecca. Many students at AHS aren’t really aware of issues or happenings around the city, or even our school, and through our newspaper, they can learn about these things. Najah had the same opinion, that the newspaper will help make students more aware and involved with our school and community. When asked why they became a part of this club, both agreed that it seemed exciting to have their voices and opinions heard on a larger scale, which I agree with as well. We’re all very excited to see what comes of this newspaper, and the impact it has on AHS. Rebecca brought up a very good point to me, that our articles would be much more diverse if students of other grades joined and shared their views. All members of the Rampage are very excited to create this paper, and to see what comes of it in the future.

-Marley Liszczynskyj

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