AHS Track Star: Trevor Dzikowicz

Trevor D. with Jamie Julia, the last boy from AHS’s cross country team to go to states.

Throughout the years of Amsterdam High School, sports have been an important role for students to feel a part of something as well as having a sense of devotion and pride while participating in a sport. A student track/cross country athlete Trevor Dzikowicz has shown sweat and tears to get to where he is now, and will continue to do his very best. Trevor had the opportunity to go to states to represent Amsterdam track team; and he didn’t hesitate since this has been his goal for the season. In AHS, a boy hasn’t gone to states in seventeen years. This was a big goal for Trevor to accomplish, but he tackled it. I spoke to Trevor to see where he is as a runner and where he strives to go. 

When Trevor was only in seventh grade, he was already running distance on varsity track. Trevor said, “He was never good at hand-eye coordination sports but he always wanted to be good at something”. Not only does Trevor run for the school, he also participates in triathlons, which he enjoys very much. Trevor always sets himself up for goals: in his own words, he describes himself as ambitious. Aside from regular practices, Trevor runs frequently and maintains a healthy diet. Trevor’s biggest inspirations are his team and himself. Trevor constantly thinks about his team and wishes them to do their very best. Trevor has big expectations to fulfill; his family is very healthy and is involved in running. His family and coaches Palzack, Wilary, and Rhen have all seen potential in this young athlete and would make sure he reaches his goal. Trevor says, “I didn’t do as well as I wanted at states, my goal for the year was just to make it”. Next year’s goal is to return to states and do better than this year. Trevor wants to achieve his dreams in Syracuse University or Northern Arizona University, where he will continue running. Trevor has come so far with his running as well as believing in himself and everyone on his team. Trevor will continue to tackle obstacles and do anything he sets his mind too.  

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