Advice Column

How can I keep myself focused on school and getting work done?

Plan out your day. It is easier to focus on something when you aren’t rushing and know that you have the time to get what you need done. Also if you know you have to do something, keep distractions away like: put your phone in another room, turn off the tv, try to be alone, etc.

What do I do if two of my friends are fighting and I am in the middle?

Never pick a side, you don’t want to lose a friendship over something you had nothing to do with. I would say do your best to get them to communicate and work through the problem. If they can’t work it out and you have done all you can to help, remove yourself from the situation until it is resolved. It is not your fight and if you did your best to help; you should not have to suffer because they are being stubborn.

What are some good ways to study? 

No matter what the subject is, flashcards are always extremely helpful. Drawing pictures and diagrams can also be really good to help you remember and picture what it is you are trying to learn better than words can. Quiet environments are also best so you can comprehend what you are trying to learn.

There is a guy I like, how can I get him to notice me? 

Honestly, just go for it. Walk up to him and start a conversation. Even the worst case scenario you can imagine happening probably isn’t that bad and you will never know if you never try. Get to know each other and maybe make plans to hang out. When you feel ready, tell him how you feel. 

What should I do if someone wants me to do one thing and I want to do another?

Always do what is for you and what is going to make you happy. Don’t make choices for other people, make them for you because at the end of the day, they will benefit, and what will you get? There is no point in doing something (unless it is absolutely necessary and you just don’t want to do it) if you won’t be happy and it doesn’t help you in anyway.

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